Two of the core packages within the Apex group is the Little-Strikers Programme and the Fundamental Active Skills Training Programme (F.A.S.T. Mat). Both programmes has been highly received by teaching staff as it enables them to effectively plan and run high quality physical educational sessions around governments Early Years Foundation Stage Framework.  Apex Training Solutions are a fully qualified training centre that has been approved by AQA whose UK qualifications are also internationally recognised around the world.


The Little-Strikers Programme was devised for children under the age of 6 & for older children with additional learning needs using football as a medium to learn. The programme is tailored to incorporate a number of learning goals, valuable concepts such as sharing, teamwork and listening to instructions and these are introduced in a fun environment. Classes also enable children to develop agility, co-ordination and balance whilst providing them with a positive introduction to sport. The Little-Strikers Programme differs from other football classes because this programme has been specifically designed to suit the developmental requirements of young children in a fun and encouraging way.

The Fundamental Active Skills Training Programme (F.A.S.T. Mat) uses a specially designed movement mat that helps children from ages 3 to Adults, develop, refine, re-pattern gross movement skills for running, speed and agility for a number of different sporting activities. This is achieved through many game related movements where children develop, perfect and even re-programme with motor skills to help with agility, balance and co-ordination.