About Us

Apex Training Solutions have been providing successful and unique physical education programmes throughout the UK and boasts within its ranks a successful team that has over 30 years of experience within this industry. We specialise in the Education, Sports and Health sectors and the programmes that we have formed have been highly received by teaching staff as it enables them too effectively plan and run high quality physical education sessions around the governments Early Years Foundation Stage Framework.

The Apex group are a fully qualified training centre that has been approved by AQA whose UK qualifications are also internationally recognised around the world.


Neil Lucas
Director of

As the Director of Programmes Neil specialises in researching and creating unique customisable programmes that hits the criteria required by the Governments EYFS Framework. Neil will then oversee any new programme being delivered and evaluate all members involved and award AQA certification when the delivery of the programme has been completed.

Martyn Horner
Lead Operations Manager

As Lead Operations Manager Martyn’s role involves overseeing the provision of services, the role ensures the organisation is running as smoothly as it possibly can with an efficient service that meets the expectations and needs of its customers and clients.

Karen Lucas
Head of Strategic 

As the Head of Strategic Planning Karen has the role of planning and facilitating the businesses strategy formulation. Once the corporate strategy has been developed, Karen ensures all teams within the company implement and develop the strategic plans aligned to the company’s strategy.

Kasey Shuttleworth
Head of Early Years Programmes

As Head of Early Years Programmes Kasey ensures having a detailed and thorough knowledge of the Early Years Curriculum and Assessments in order to support staff where applicable. This includes mentoring staff and teachers who need support in developing aspects of their practice to ensure all programmes are always delivered to the highest possible standard within our client’s settings.

Ana Marie
National Accounts Manager

The role of our National Account Manager is looking after large company accounts for the business and building relationships with our key personnel, thus ensuring the internal company functions give the highest level of customer service to all national accounts.